Twin Peaks

This must be where pies go when they die…

Twin Peaks is unique in so many different ways. The characters are wacky, the dialogue is sometimes quirky and unusual, and the story is so incredibly mysterious. This cult-hit TV series only lasted 2 seasons before being cancelled and had one followup film. I always meant to watch it but the reason why I’m interested in it now is because after 25 years it is coming back. Showtime is hosting its long awaited revival starring most of the original cast with the original creators; David Lynch and Mark Frost at its helm. The show is ultimately about a murder mystery in the small town of Twin Peaks located in Washington, United States.

I love this series. I find that it’s most definable quality is the ability to toy with your emotions. One minute you will be absolutely delighted to see the protagonist special agent Dale Cooper talk about his obsession over coffee, then the next scene might make you shed tears watching a grieving couple dealing with loss. The truth, however, is that this show is completely unpredictable. With themes regarding surrealism and dreams, combined with visions and Tibet, there’s no telling what could happen.

Music in Twin Peaks sets the mood like I’ve never experienced before. It’s difficult to narrow each theme down to one emotion. Themes and tunes are used in many different circumstances yet they all blend extremely well with what’s happening. The opening theme to every episode for example can be a happy, soft melody, it can also come across as an uncomfortable sadness. The tune that plays over the ending to each episode is in the same boat. It plays over scenes with love blooming and ones with heartbreaking events. Being that Twin Peaks is a mysterious show, there’s of course lots of music that is very uneasy.

As far as writing is concerned Twin Peaks is a strange kind of brilliant (like most of David Lynch’s work). Characters have a talent for talking about things that aren’t relevant to the current situation. These talks cover a wide variety of topics ranging between coffee, pie, Tibet, the Kennedy’s and trees called Douglas Ferns. Though these discussions at first seem almost too out of place, they quickly make themselves a welcome change of pace. On a more serious note, the writing pertaining to the story, as I mentioned before, is filled with twists and surprises and is completely unpredictable.

Something else I want to talk about regarding Twin Peaks is color. Red is used nearly everywhere. I find this unique because I don’t see that often. Usually films and TV shows that deal with murder are depicted with dark color or deep blue to convey sadness. Twin Peaks‘ red creates a view of uncertainty and mystery. I can’t express how great this small detail is. It compliments the show’s atmosphere so well that it makes the town of Twin Peaks look a place of dreams.

Twin Peaks is a series like nothing one can come across on the average channels. It’s a unique and wonderful mystery that will make you laugh and cry, yet it will also disturb you to the core. You will fall in love with peculiar characters, feel what they go through, and come to feel like you’re part of their lives.┬áMysteries within the town will keep you awake at night. Most of all, the more you watch the more you feel like you’re at home.